Get a Career in Video Games Testing !!!

What if I could show you how to make up to $120 Dollars per hour Playing Video Games from your home… Are You Interested? Has your mom said that you are wasting time playing video games? I bet she has L Now you can prove your business skills – this teaches how to make money just playing video games. Game tester job – all gamers dream. Just join it, play it… and get real full-time income. Think about it!

Get a Career in Video Games Testing !!!

As a Video Game Tester You Will:

  • Get to Play Video Games
  • Get Paid to Play Video Games
  • Get Paid to Play Unreleased Games before anyone else
  • Get Free copies of Video Games
  • Get access to cheat codes, level secrets, and other “bugs” that only game testers know about. Get real-world experience working with company departments

Just imagine – you’re playing new GTA 4 or Frontlines and making 100-150 $ per hour? It must be every gamer’s dream! This make your playing more interesting – it’s like a mission for you:

  • to check all levels,
  • kill all enemies,
  • accomplish all tasks

Working as a game tester it all will make you feel like the Game-God.

Get a Career in Video Games Testing !!!You may think you’re just a gamer – but that’s all game-developers need! They don’t need programmers – they need real gamers – boys and girls – who play games, not just doing it for checking or something else. We, gamers, are the best game testers – that’s why game developers pay good money for this. You will get all games much earlier, and play them before main release! Isn’t it great to have GTA 4 and many other upcoming games while others cry like sissy-girls waiting for them?

Don’t miss this great opportunity to be a Professional Gamer!

It’s not a scam or heavy advertising, but my own life experience!

All you need is to play new, upcoming, unreleased and hot games and you will get:

  • Game packs
  • Game reviews
  • Game cheats and secrets
  • Game accessories
  • And the most important – *000-*0000 $ checks from game developers delivered to you right once a month!

Join it – stop wasting time just “playing” games – “work” �em!!!

Some companies can take a month or more to reply, so all my memberships come with a guaranteed 6+ month subscription; you get updates for 6-24 months, excellent resources, and lots of other stuff. Like I said, I think $39.95 is HIGHLY fair.(but if you are NOT TRUE gamer – then money back system is just for you :))

Get a Career in Video Games Testing !!!

You should ask – Why would companies pay me to beta test games?

That’s why – The game industry is now over a $50 billion dollar business. In the case of nationwide companies, producing games that have bugs in them – games that the customers will return, means losing millions of dollars, and likely jobs.

So paying 2-10 k dollars is so easy for such companies as EA, Blizzard, Rockstar and many others!

P.S. just on little thing , that might be interesting for you ”

GamerTestingGround is GIVING AWAY A 60GB PlayStation3 On March 31st, 2008 to one lucky gamer.

This is not some deal where you have to complete a million offers to “get a chance to win.” GamerTestingGround will buy and ship the PS3 system to one lucky gamer!”