Classic Video Game Reviews: GTA 4

Fynally GTA 4 Comes to PC

Good evening everyone here! The first thing to write about is “PC Gamer” magazine. Now all little dirty secrets are unmasked! We contacted them and now are waiting for official response. However, editor published such post on magazine’s official forum: “Rockstar didn’t announce official release date, but as a real Rockstar’s fan you should know when it always happens”. Anyway, the official news is that GTA 4 definitely will be released on PC. But even that’s not the only damn great news today! These are the most official news ever published about GTA 4.  Are you ready? Here it comes – visit ESRB’s website and type “Grand” in search. Results are just awesome – “Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3” That’s all! Let’s celebrate!

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